Monday, May 15, 2017

Conan: Hadrathus, Priest of Asura

Hadrathus is one of the core heroes in the Conan board game, acting as your archetypal wizard. The character appears in The Hour of the Dragon, and aids Conan as he tries to regain the throne of Aquilonia. He is a high priest of the god Asura, and his church had traditionally been suspected of cannibalism and persecuted by the official state religion, the church of Mitra.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Death Company Marines

For Christmas, my wife gave me the Death Company Strike Force boxed set. From this, I managed to make a Death Company Chaplain, a Death Company Dreadnought, and 18 Death Company with jump packs. These 4 are the first batch of them that I've painted.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Spring Fling Tournament: Final Thoughts

 At the end of the day, it was an Ork player that ended up with the most points. He had a biker heavy army with a Gorkanaut, but I'm afraid I don't know much about his army beyond that. It's also worth noting that the Genestealer Cult went undefeated throughout the day. That is a seriously strong list, and I look forward to playing it again and trying to figure out how to combat it.

As for my army, I definitely need to play it more if I want to be competitive at all. Even so, I realized there were a few changes I need to make to the list.

1) Since the Battle Demi-Company doesn't allow the Captain to be upgraded to a Chapter Master, I noticed that my Command squad lost a lot of its power. It absolutely needs a Chaplain's re-rolls to maximize the impact of its relatively small number of strong attacks. In addition, I don't think the Shield Eternal is worth it on a Captain. With only 3 wounds, he's easy enough to kill without Instant Death, and with T5 from the bike, relatively few things can instakill him.

2) I think 2 Devastator squads was overkill, at least at 1,500 points. I often found myself without high value targets to shoot at after the first turn. Also, the flakk missiles are very expensive and not worthwhile unless you're facing a lot of flyers (which I didn't).

3) I still enjoy having all of the Tactical squad bodies on the field. It's great for target saturation and board control. I think I'm going to switch the flamers to something with better AP. In the Sternhammer Strike Force, the re-rolls on bolters are a strong enough defense on overwatch that I can drop the flamers without much loss. Some melta or plasma would be very helpful in dealing with harder targets, especially if I'm dropping one of my Devastator squads.

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