Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Conan the General

The final Conan I'm going to paint for the moment is Conan as a general. I think this is supposed to represent Conan from the end of Black Colossus, where Conan takes command of the army of Khoraja and is given armor to fit his new station. Initially, I thought I was really going to like this model. After all, heavily armored warriors are kind of my thing, and Conan the General is the type of model I'm comfortable painting. The armor on this model is unique and nicely detailed. However, actually painting it exposed a number of flaws.

The biggest flaw is the model's pose; he's hunched forward. When viewed from any upward angle, you can't see any of his ornate armor. Even worse, you can't see his face. This actually might be a bit of a blessing, as the lines on the face give it a droopy look, reminiscent of Emperor Palpatine. Hardly the visage of a barbarian in his prime. Finally, the sword blade is completely lacking in hard edges, but is kind of rounded and formless. This made it very hard to paint with layering, and I'm not pleased with the effect that I finally pulled off.

Here's a picture from an upward angle so that you can actually see the detail on the model. I really think it's a shame, as just a few changes would make this my favorite version of Conan. As it is, he's the first model from the game that I'm not happy with. At least they're few and far between.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic work, man - I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing all his incarnations come together!


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