Monday, November 28, 2016

Conan the Barbarian

The first model that I painted for the Conan board game had to be Conan. However, the game comes with six different versions of Conan representing different points in his career. I decided to paint the generalist model that comes with the base boxed game.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Conan by Monolith Games

I finally received the first wave of my Conan board game kickstarter, about 18 months after it ended. Given the scale of the game, I think this is about a normal time frame. I got the King Pledge, so the base game as well as a bunch of extras. I also picked up some extra models: a Vanir Valkyrie (essentially Red Sonja), Yogah of Yag (a Lovecraftian elephant god from The Tower of the Elephant), and a unit of Black Dragons (King Conan's bodyguards). I ordered the campaign book but that will ship as part of phase 2.

I won't be posting pictures of the models until they're painted, as they're cast in a very light grey plastic and photograph horribly. The sculpts are quite good, with tons of detail. The models are heavily textured, with most having few flat areas. I'm expecting they'll paint up well with drybrushing and washes. There are some moldlines as well as tabs where the models were cut off the sprue, but these were easy to clean up. The plastic seems to be decent quality; certainly not as nice as GW plastics but better than the plastic/resin hybrid that Privateer Press uses. I'm really looking forward to painting them up. By a quick count, I received 196 models, so I'll have lots to keep me busy.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Angel's Blade Strike Force: Command Formations

The first Command Formation is the Golden Host, which is composed of either the Sanguinor or Commander Dante and 2-5 units of Sanguinary Guard. This is already a good Formation, as the only weak unit is the Sanguinor, and he can be traded out for the amazing Commander Dante. Airborne Assault requires the Formation to arrive via Deep Strike but allows you to choose when the Golden Host arrives, starting on turn 2. When they do arrive, they can re-roll their Deep Strike scatter dice. Add to this Glory of Sanguinius, which allows the Golden Host to assault on the turn they Deep Strike but count as making a disordered charge, and you have a really excellent Formation.

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