Friday, May 20, 2016

Executioners: The Black Circle

The Librarius of the Executioners is known as the Black Circle. Until now, I've only had a single Librarian, Amon Yara, but I've recently got the urge to field a Libarian Conclave. This necessitated two more Librarians, which I've built in a similar manner to Amon Yara, with most of the bits coming from Dark Angels Veterans while the helmets are from Chaos Space Marines. I'm sticking with the idea that their psychic hoods are housed in the horns of their helmets.

I wanted them to be very dark blue, fitting their sinister reputation, so I layered on Ultramarine Shadow, leaving pure black in the recesses of their armor, then highlighted with Ultramarine Blue. It came out darker than I expected, but I'm happy with it. I'm also really pleased with how their horns came out. I went for a more complicated paint style than I usually do with horns, painting striations onto the horns. 

Codicier Thugra Khotan

Thugra Khotan is a Codicier within the Black Circle. Despite his Stygian heritage, he is more open with the rest of the Chapter than most of his brotherhood. He wields a heavy force axe in battle, embracing the fighting style so popular among Executioners. He is more likely to engage in feats of martial prowess than the other Librarians, and his choice of psychic powers complements his aggressive nature. He is also more likely to engage in duels with other Executioners, and his prowess is well respected in the dueling pits of the Darkenvault.

Though his bravado could be considered genuine (and is by the bulk of Executioners), it may have darker reasons. The commanders of the Executioners are often hesitant to accept advice from the Black Circle, who they view with suspicion if not outright disdain. Thugra Khotan is often sent when the Black Circle truly needs to sway the opinion of a ranking Executioner, and his popularity may be a carefully orchestrated means to manipulate the Chapter as a whole.

Codicier Tsotha-lanti

Tsotha-lanti is rare among the Black Circle, for he is not a Stygian. He hails from the mountains of Koth on Aquilon. Paradoxically, Tsotha-lanti still fits in better with the Black Circle than with his fellow Aquilonians among the Executioners. He has great interest in the inner workings of all living things, including humans, Astartes, and xenos, and is often found in the Apothecarion, studying captured "subjects." Despite the standard distaste that Astartes have for heretics and xenos, most Executioners would rather grant them a quick and brutal death. Tsotha-lanti's experiments on prisoners are viewed with distaste, and he has earned a reputation for cruel detachment within the Chapter.

In battle, Tsotha-lanti wields a massive force sword, so large that he has had his armor specifically modified to attach his bolt pistol to his vambrace. His psychic powers cripple the bodies of his opponents, rendering them easy prey for the Executioners.

Let me know what you think, both about the models and the background.


  1. Great fluff for these guys! Glad to see this army is going strong.

  2. Those look fantastic, and the background for 'em is great! Good stuff, man!

  3. They look great, a little to dark for my tastes but very sinister indeed. Where's that sword from?

  4. The sword is just one of the force swords from a Grey Knight strike squad. That's why he has a storm bolter strapped to his arm, which I will pretend is a bolt pistol.


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