Friday, April 29, 2016

Mantis Warrior Bikers

Here's my next batch of Mantis Warrior Bikers. I decided 4 bikes were too much to paint at one time, so I downgraded to 3. This seemed much less tedious.

These included 2 more special weapon Marines. They're currently equipped with grav guns, since my Executioners don't have any, but their arms are magnetized so I can swap them out if needed.

Here are some shots of the shoulder pads.

And here's the last model. He's one of the old White Scar Marines, but he looks pretty good as a Mantis Warrior. No reason they can't have lightning bolts on them.

I think these guys are really starting to come together now that I'm getting more comfortable with the color scheme. To finish off this Allied force (for now), my next painting project will be the Sergeant of this squad as well as a Captain. These should be fun because they both have back banners, so there's room for some extra freehand.


  1. Beautiful work, man - I always enjoy seeing your Mantis Warriors force grow!

  2. Great looking bikes. I really like this scheme!

  3. Thanks! Your support really helps me keep painting. I'll be finishing off this small force this week, though I plan to keep growing the Mantis Warriors.

    I might even make some Formations out of them.


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