Friday, March 4, 2016

Imperial Bastion

For a more relaxing project, I painted an Imperial Bastion that I've had for years. I painted it dark grey, drybrushed with light grey, and painted the metal bits. Everything then got a custom wash (mostly Secret Weapon Concrete, mixed with a bit of Heavy Body Black and Dark Sepia). This provided a lighter wash to the metal than I usually use, but I think the dull finish is very appropriate for a building exterior.

The heavy bolters and floor of the parapet received the normal Heavy Body Black Wash, differentiating them from the silver on the Bastion walls, while the door got a drybrush and Sewer Water was to make it look a bit fancier.

Here's the Bastion as it will most often be fielded, filled up with Executioner Devastators.

This was a fun, quick, and simple project. It was good to take a bit of a break, and I'm happy to get such a large chunk of bare plastic off my "to paint" list. Now, I'll be returning to the Executioners for the first time in a while. I have several Land Speeders for them that need painting, and then I will be completely done all of the models I have purchased for them.

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