Friday, March 25, 2016

Executioner's Land Speeder Storm Devil of Shem

Here's my second Storm, the Devil of Shem. This one carries a multi-melta, since I acquired it after Scouts received BS4. I figured it would be a decent idea to run the two Storms together, with one armed for anti-infantry and the other for anti-armor.

I played around a bit with the skin tones of the pilots, reflecting the many races of the Executioners' home worlds, Stygia and Aquilon. The pilot was painted as fair as I could make him, representing an Aesir, while the gunner was painted with dark skin and hair, representing a Kushite recruit.

That marks the last model that I have assembled for the Executioners. I do have some random unassembled models for them, but nothing coherent, so I'll be moving on to a new project for my next set of models. Stay tuned!

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