Friday, March 11, 2016

Executioners Land Speeder Belit's Sorrow

My latest model is a return to the Executioners. It's my Land Speeder, Belit's Sorrow. Like my other Land Speeder, it's magnetized to allow for all of the options to come with the kit. First up is the heavy bolter/assault cannon Tornado.

Then there's the more flexible multi-melta/heavy flamer Tornado.

And finally, the Typhoon, my personal favorite.

I'm happy to have another Land Speeder available. Foremost, it means I can field a squadron of 2, so they'll be less likely to give up First Blood. This is the biggest drawback I found when taking a single Speeder. The second advantage is that I can use it for the Assault squad requirement for a second Demi-Company. I'm looking forward to putting it on the table.

Next up will be more Executioners as I try to finish off the few unpainted models I have for them.

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