Friday, February 26, 2016

Warmachine: Knights Exemplar Errant Command

 Here are the last few models for my Knight Exemplar Errant unit. This consists of the unit leader, as well as the unit attachment with an officer and standard bearer.

The leader model model is pretty standard, with the same armor as the rest of the knights, just a different helmet and a more dramatic pose.

Here's the officer, who was really fun to paint. with more ornate armor, tabard, and an impressive sheath (I guess none of the other knights ever sheathe their swords), there were a lot of places to make him stand out.

Finally, here's the standard bearer. He's a normal Errant model, but the standard sets him apart. I had fun with this, as I really enjoy painting scripture on the Menite standards. It just seems to fit. I didn't actually write anything on the standard because it didn't have much room, but I decided to border the scripture with a menofix at the beginning and end. I like the asymmetry of it.

That finishes off all of my Warmachine models, and I don't plan on picking any more up unless I can find people to play with. This was a very detailed squad with lots of careful layering and highlighting, so I'm looking for something quick and dirty to paint next. I'm thinking terrain.

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