Friday, January 29, 2016

Warmachine: Knights Exemplar Errants

Those of you that have been reading the blog for a while will remember that I had a failed attempt to start playing Warmachine about 2 years back. Even though the people I was planning to play fell through and I haven't been able to try out the game yet, I wanted to finish painting the models that I bought. The last unit I bought that I have to paint is a full unit of 12 Knights Exemplar Errants. These are a flexible unit, armed with swords, shields and crossbows.

When painting them, I really was reminded of old metal Space Marines. The armor plates, tabards, and gun held awkwardly across the chest are all the same. The biggest difference is how many overlapping pieces these guys have. Their shoulder pads only glue on in the center, but overlap the upper arms and neck. The shields on the back overlap a lot of detail. The problem is that they don't fully cover it, so you have to paint under these features, and it is a pain. If I ever paint another set of these models, I will definitely leave the shoulder pads and shields off until the end.

P.S. I tried to photograph these guys with a grey background, to give more contrast against their light armor. However, this resulted in the armor being horribly over-exposed. Anyone have any suggestions on this?

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