Friday, January 22, 2016

Escher Gangers Part 2

Above is the completed Escher Gang, with the last 3 models added in. I painted them the same as the previous models, though these three get a very pale skin tone. I also went crazy on the hair color on these ladies.

First up is the Leader. She's the most heavily clothed of the models, so she was actually the most straightforward to paint. She ended up with red, orange, and yellow hair.

Next up is the last Ganger. She got what I have dubbed "Eldar hair", in homage to the crazy 2nd Edition Eldar color schemes. It runs all the way through the spectrum from red to blue. Ridiculous as it is, I really like how it came out.

Finally, here's the last Juve. She actually has the most complex paint job. I wasn't crazy about the sheer effect on the clothes of the previous batch, and I thought that part of the problem was that their shirts were too dark. To test this, I blended this Juve's shirt up to a very light green, almost white. I think the sheer effect of the clothing comes through much better on her, though it looks more like she's getting ready for a wet t-shirt contest than a battle.

Fortunately, the client seems quite happy with them. Next up, I'll actually be painting some more Warmachine models as I continue my war on my old unpainted models.

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