Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Review

Happy New Year!

2015 was a pretty productive year for my hobby. I concentrated on my Blood Angels, and they received a well deserved update. Almost my entire army was rebased, and I added two new Tactical squads, a (fourth) Baal Predator, the Bloodstorm box set, and quite a few new characters. I actually have painted every Blood Angel model that I own (though some of my older models could use re-touching, of course).

The Executioners didn't get as much attention, but that's because they were in a better state as an army than the Blood Angels. Even so, they got some characters, some extra Sternguard, several tanks, and a Thunderfire Cannon. Certainly not a bad year for them. The only Executioner models that I have left to paint are a Land Speeder and two Land Speeder Storms. It shouldn't take me long to paint them up and be completely caught up on them as well.

My Eldar didn't get any models painted this year, but they were my main focus last year, so the army is still in excellent condition. Unlike my Astartes, I have a ton of Eldar sitting around unpainted or unassembled.

2015 also marks the first time that I've successfully picked up a new game. I've managed a fairly respectable Imperial Fleet for X-wing, and I've managed to play it fairly often. It makes a great secondary game to 40K, as it takes much less time to play and requires no painting.

I also painted up two starter armies for Dropzone Commander, but I haven't been able to convince anyone to play yet. I'm still looking forward to playing it when I get the chance.

I also started my first campaign. Phase 1 went very well, and I think it really created a lot of excitement in our gaming club. It got pretty derailed during the holidays, but it's already started to pick back up. I just had to extend Phase 2.

2016 Resolutions:

1) I want to continue working on my Marines. My Blood Angels Tactical squads and Furioso need some repainting, and I want to buy and paint two Stormravens for them. I also want to paint up those Land Speeders for the Executioners and get them a few Scout Squads.

2) Finish painting the Eldar I have already. Honestly, this is probably more than a year long task given the amount of models I have, but I want to work on it.

3) My wife gave me the Betrayal at Calth box set for Christmas. I considered adding the models to my existing armies, but they wouldn't fit in terribly well and it seems like a waste. Therefore, I'll be starting a new army, which will be playable in both 30K and 40K. Since I already have two Loyalist armies, this will be Traitor Marines. I haven't decided what Legion they will be, but my goal next year is to paint up at least the models from Betrayal at Calth, and maybe expand a little. I want this army to be another display army, hopefully pushing past the level of my Executioners.

4) Keep the campaign on track and make sure everyone has fun. This seems like it's working so far, though everyone took a break for Christmas.

5) Get someone to play Dropzone Commander with me.

How was 2015 for your hobby? What are your hobby resolutions?

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