Monday, March 30, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Heavy Support: Stormraven Gunships

Until I get around to painting a Blood Angel Stormraven, they'll be borrowing air support from the Executioners

The Stormraven has stayed pretty much the same since out last Codex. The only real change is that bloodstrike missiles were standardized to the same stormstrike missiles that Space Marines have. The Stormraven comes with a forward mounted twin-linked heavy bolter, which can be switched out for a typhoon missile launcher or twin-linked multi-melta, and a turret mounted twin-linked assault cannon, which can be swapped for a twin-linked plasma cannon or twin-linked lascannon. It also has the option to take hurricane bolter sponsons. Power of the Machine Spirit means that the Stormraven can make good use of all of these weapons.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Fast Attack: Bike Squads

I have to be honest. Space Marine Bikes, particularly White Scar Bikers, are probably the best army style available from the Space Marine Codex. Combining Hit and Run, Skilled Rider, and often Scout, this army is fast, durable, and reasonably hard hitting. This has led many Blood Angels players to take bikes as well, expecting them to be just as useful.

Do you know what’s a very poor trade for Hit and Run, Skilled Rider, and Scout? Furious Charge. We pay the same points for our Bikes as White Scars do, but ours are far less mobile or durable. Our bikes are still a good platform for grav weapons (the best in our army), but I honestly haven’t been that impressed with grav. Oh, it’s amazing on Devasator Centurions or Biker Command squads, which can put out a large number of shots, but Bike squads can’t really reach those numbers. If they take heavy fire, they’ve got to Jink (which is not as good as a White Scar Jink), rendering the grav guns almost completely ineffective.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Fast Attack: Assault squads

I’m not going to go into depth about Land Speeders, AttackBike Squadrons, or Scout Bike Squadrons. They’re all basically the same as the Space Marine versions, but with Furious Charge. Since they’re not assault units, this doesn’t matter much.

Assault Squads

Assault squads are probably my favorite Blood Angel unit, not due to their performance on the tabletop but their aesthetic and background. While we now have a bunch of more elite jump pack squads, Assault squads still appeal to me as the basic troopers hurling themselves at the enemy with rocket packs.

When the codex came out, there were a lot of discussions about whether Blood Angel Assault squads should be Troops or Fast Attack. By the background, they should certainly be Fast Attack; Blood Angels have no more Assault squads than any other Codex Chapter. History is more murky. Since the introduction of the modern Force Organization Chart, Assault squads have jumped back and forth between slots.

3rd Edition Rulebook Army List: Troops
3rd Edition Mini-Codex: Fast Attack
4th Edition PDF Codex: Troops
5th Edition Codex: Troops
7th Edition Codex: Fast Attack

Friday, March 20, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Fast Attack: Rhinos, Razorbacks, and Drop Pods


Our Rhinos cost 10 points more than standard, but they’re Fast, so it’s a pretty fair trade. Rhinos aren’t that popular now, but I still love them. If you want to play an “army” that revolves around one deathstar unit with 6 attached characters and you only have ten other infantry models in your army that just exist to hold backfield objectives, then you really don’t need Rhinos. If you want your squads to actually contribute to the battle, Rhinos are indispensible, both for protection and speed.
We can now take Rhinos as Fast Attack choices as well as dedicated transports, but I don’t see much reason to do so. Just about every Imperial unit has access to a Rhino or similar transport as a dedicated transport.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Elites: Vanguard and Sternguard Veterans

Vanguard Veteran Squads

My Vanguard Veterans still have yellow helmets.

Vanguard Veterans received a slight points drop in the new codex, while their jump packs dropped in cost precipitously. They moved from Fast Attack to Elites, which further crowds this already very full slot. Their Heroic Intervention no longer allows them to assault after deep striking. They now ignore the penalties for disordered charges and the Veteran Sergeant automatically passes Glorious Intervention tests. Not a great trade, but assaulting from deep strike was very hard to pull off, even with Descent of Angels.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Elites: Terminator and Assault Terminator Squads

Terminator Squads

Blood Angels Terminators are pretty similar to standard Terminators. They’re still primarily a shooting unit, but Furious Charge means that they hit at S9 on the charge, making them respectable heavy vehicle killers. There’s not much more to say about them that I haven’t said about standard Terminators.

Assault Terminator Squads

I still think Assault Terminators should have yellow helmets.
Assault Terminators benefit more from being Blood Angels than their standard counterparts. Thunder hammer, storm shield wielding Assault Terminators are still extremely durable and are your first choice for dealing with serious targets such as monstrous creatures, walkers, or combat characters. Furious Charge means that their thunder hammers are excellent vehicle killers on the charge.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Elites: Dreadnoughts, Death Company Dreadnoughts, Furioso Dreadnoughts


I don’t have much to say about Dreadnoughts. They’re the exact same as Space Marine Dreadnoughts with Furious Charge, so use them the same way.

Death Company Dreadnought

Now these are more interesting. They’ve got an extra attack compared to a standard Dreadnought, as well as Rage. They also ignore Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned results when damaged, meaning that they are very hard for your opponent to stop. Death Company Dreadnoughts come equipped with two power fists (which can be upgraded to blood talons, giving them Shred), as well as a storm bolter and meltagun. Either of these, but not both, can be upgraded to a heavy flamer. Finally, the smoke launchers can be traded for a magna-grapple, giving the Dreadnought Move through Cover and allowing it to re-roll charges against vehicles. Both of the abilities are very useful for an assault unit, so I would generally take the magna-grapple over the smoke launchers. I always forget to use my smoke launchers, anyway.

Friday, March 6, 2015

More Blood Angels Tacticals

Here's the rest of my new Tactical squad. Painting went a little quicker now that I'm figuring out my new paint scheme. Once again, they're not varnished so they look a little off. Man, I miss living in the South...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Elites: Sanguinary Guard

Sanguinary Guard received a massive drop in points cost in this codex, with their rules and options staying pretty much the same. The big exception is that squads can now be increased in size, up to ten. They still come with artificer armor, encarmine swords (which they can switch out for encarmine axes or power fists) and angelus bolters (which they can upgrade to inferno guns or plasma pistols). The squad can take death masks, making them cause Fear, for a very reasonable point cost. The best upgrade is the Chapter banner, which grants every model in the unit an extra attack as well as providing the standard morale bonuses.

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