Friday, November 13, 2015

Captain Tycho

This fellow is a break from my stated goal of painting up all of my old models. He was a birthday present, and a great break from the batches of infantry that I was painting. He is also another step on my path to painting up all of the Blood Angels named characters.

I painted his gold armor by layering, rather than my standard use of drybrushing and washes. This ended up with a much brighter gold than I usually paint, which I think is very fitting for the famously vain Captain. I wish I would have painted Dante this way. I also used some blue and purple washes on the tip of his meltagun to try and show the heat distortion.

However, the bit that I'm most proud of is the hand painted banner. It's not as detailed as the banner on my Asurmen, but it's very difficult to paint wings. I've tried before, but this is by far the best result I've gotten. 

I'm not sure how often Tycho will see the table, but I'm happy to have him on my display shelf.


  1. Great stuff and a great old school mini. Like the heat stress look, I add a layer of Sepia too, Purple, Blue, Sepia, Black. From a tutorial from From The Warp I recently did on my Xiphon Fighter.

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely try the sepia on my next melta.

  3. I've always liked that mini, nicely done on the paint job!!!

  4. Impressive as a whole but the face looks ace. Really good job


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