Friday, October 9, 2015

Epistolary Lazzero

I assembled this fellow just after the current Blood Angel codex came out, primarily so that I could have a model to carry Gallian's Staff. He's cobbled together from a number of different kits. Mostly, he's from the Dark Angels Veterans kit, with a gun arm from a Sanguinary Guard and a Death Company Jump Pack. The force staff is from a Grey Knight Terminator, with a Blood Angel banner topper. I think he looks suitably Librarianish.

As he'll be played as an Epistolary most of the time, I painted his right shoulder pad with the standard Epistolary symbol, an open book. I added some blood drops to the writing to customize it a bit more.

There you have it. I can field a pretty useful relic now, and try and play my Blood Angels with some presence in the psychic phase.

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