Friday, October 23, 2015

Baal Predator Liani's Hope

I finally painted up the last of my Baal Predators. This is the third of the newer plastic kit, and my fourth if you include my ancient plastic metal hybrid Baal, which desperately needs to be stripped and repainted. This is also the first Blood Angels tank that I've painted by layering up from Mephiston Red, rather than painting it Blood Red and shading the recesses.

To speed the first layer up, I primed the tank with Army Painter Dragon Red. This turned out to not be quite as dark as Mephiston Red, but darker than Evil Sunz Scarlet so it worked out in the end. The tank did look blotchy for a while as I used Mephiston Red to touch up spots where the Dragon Red had missed rather than painting the whole tank.

I think the biggest difference came from edge highlighting the tank. I don't usually do this on my vehicles, and it looks pretty good when done subtly.

I'm christening this Baal Predator Liani's Hope, since it's the first unit I'm painting during the Liani Alpha campaign. I can only hope that it performs well enough to live up to it's name.

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