Friday, September 25, 2015

Executioners Honor Guard

I've mentioned before that I've been looking for appropriate Honor Guard models for my Executioners. They're a great unit, but the official models really only work for the Ultramarines. When going through my collection of older models, I came across these three. I think they're an excellent fit.

First up is the Chapter Champion, who is an original Emperor's Champion. Painted up as an Executioner, I think the model fits well. I'm passing off the Templar crosses as Crux Terminatusi (?), but they could also fit with their original meaning since the Executioners share a Legion with the Black Templar.

The model is small compared to modern Marines, but I still really like him. Painting him did give me flashbacks to the lack of detail on old metal models. For example, look at the vaguely skull shaped blob on the shoulder pad in the picture above. It gets the idea across, but it's a far cry from the very detailed (and symmetrical) skulls on the newer plastics.

I'm pretty sure these two were supposed to be Captain models, but they make great Honor Guard. I originally got the idea because both models are armed with power weapons and bolters. This is a horrible armament for a captain, but standard for Honor Guard. The model on the left came with a combi-melta, so it was easy to swap it out for a standard bolter.

So that's the start of my Honor Guard. It's minimum strength, so I'll have to add more models if I want to field it as a viable unit. I'm thinking the new Sternguard kit but armed with power weapons, since they have tabards that match these models. I just don't think I can get hold of enough old metal HQ/Veteran models to fill the squad out with them, though I will keep my eyes open. 

Next up will be another old Captain model, who will actually get to be a Captain.


  1. TEMPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars!

    Well not really, but mostly. :)

    Please get yourself a grey background to take photos of this guys again. Losing a ton of detail in the white washing!

  2. Two out of three are old Templars, so that's a fair comment. I'm just calling the Templar cross a crux terminatus.

    I'll pick up a grey background and try that out. Thanks for the idea!


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