Friday, September 4, 2015

Executioners Apothecary

Here's another classic model, an old one-piece Apothecary. I picked him up when I picked up the Chaplain. While he is a nice model, I got him mostly because I wanted the option to run a Command Squad on foot using all of my Sternguard special weapon marines.

He's a bit static but he was still fun to paint. I went for a standard white armor, relying on layering to give the model some definition. I wanted to give him a bit of Executioner freehand, but a skull or axe seemed an odd choice for a medic. I settled on a red shield on his right knee. Also, I think it shows the age of this model that there are actually two hearts molded onto him (his belt and right shoulder pad, which isn't visible in the photos). That's not very grimdark.

Here he is with a plasma Command squad, which is probably how I'll run him. Feel No Pain makes massed plasma guns much less risky.


  1. Love that classic model. Nice work!

  2. Lovely work, man - really dig how that turned out!

  3. Thanks! I'm definitely a big fan of the classic models.

  4. Nice paint job. Looks good, but also stands out vividly amongst the others.

    I noticed most older models are shorter than the newer ones. Obviously yours are on slate etc, but I have several terminators and the new dynamic poses look taller and broader than the old static posed ones.

    Is that just me?

    Revolution6Six Blog

  5. Nope, you're absolutely right. Almost all GW models have gotten larger since the start of the game, and power armor and terminator armor are noticeably bigger now than they were 10 years ago. You could try building up the base to make them the same height as more modern models, but that doesn't work well with the old slottabases.

    I just accept that they're smaller and include them as is. It's just another part of the history of our hobby.

    1. Suppose in a way, it works anyway. Because the 40k fluff has the different armour versions. Could be argued they're just a newer updated design of armour, made for the increasingly brutal combat

  6. Looking great. Such vivid whites!


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