Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thunderfire Cannon

Having finished a few more special and heavy weapons for my Executioners, there was only one more model I needed for a CAD list I planned: a third Thunderfire. I used another GW kit that I had been given, so I wanted to differentiate this one of my first Thunderfire. I decided that this Techmarine would be a bit more showy than the others and would make heavy use of gold on his Thunderfire. I also used a white starburst as a marking on this one, which used to be a common symbol for Marine Heavy Supports. I put a red skull in it to tie to to the Executioners.

And here's the Techmarine Gunner. I couldn't do much to differentiate him from my other one, but his paint scheme is different where I could manage.

Here's the full squad. Enemy infantry beware!

Next up will be a few more Executioner Sternguard with bolters, so I have more flexibility in arming my squads.


  1. Wow..triple thunderfires is no joke! That's a brutal combo! They all look great, and the tech marines really pop with that brilliant red.


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