Friday, August 21, 2015

Executioners Sternguard

These Sternguard are the latest addition to the Executioners. The more I run Sternguard, the more I want some extra flexibility with their armament. A couple of combi-meltas are handy but I really haven't had good luck with my heavy flamers. They're great for overwatch, but in most situations, I'd rather have the Sternguard fire their snazzy bolters. So I painted up a few more Sternguard with bolters so I can field full squads without upgrades.

I have to admit that my Sternguard are my favorite paint scheme in the army. The gold trim on the shoulder pads and gold backpacks really stands out, and the fancy bolters, helmets, and shoulder pads that I lavish on them help too, even if I'm not using Forgeworld models. They're always a lot of fun to paint and put on the table.


  1. Love the helms on these guys. They are really well done, and just full of character!


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