Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Terminator Squad Alphaeus

My next project continued my crusade to paint up my half of Deathstorm with Squad Alphaeus. Again, I tried to stick with the official models, using the same bits but in different poses and writing the same things on their scrolls.

The big change I made was to give Sgt. Alphaeus a helmet, because I can't fathom wearing an impenetrable suit of armor that turns you into a walking tank and then leaving your head exposed.

I'm not sure how often this squad will see table time other than in the Deathstorm mission (I'll probably paint up a cyclone missile launcher to replace the heavy flamer for more serious play), but it did remind me of two things. First, Terminators still look seriously cool and are impressive models when painted up. Second, I really don't like using decals on curved surfaces. Maybe I will finally have to learn to paint the Blood Angels logo by hand.

Next up will be the last Blood Angel from Deathstorm, Captain Karlaen. Despite my preference for helmets, he will be a bareheaded Terminator because the model looks too good to mess with.

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