Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dropzone Commander: Scourge Starter Army

I've finally finished painting the Dropzone Commander Starter Set, so I can finally try and set up some games. This half of the set is the Scourge, a parasitic alien race analogous to Tyranids in that they have lots of organic war engines.

The most common Scourge schemes seem to be silver with a blue or purple wash. I wanted to stay within this idea, but try something new. I ended up basing the models in Mephiston Red, drybrushing with Golden Griffon, and washing with Carroburg Crimson. I then picked out the plasma guns and engines in blue and the eyes in green.

These are Hunters, extremely fast skimmer tanks with short range but devastating anti-tank guns. They're hard to hit as they close with the enemy, and they do a lot of damage once they get there.

These are Reapers. Again, these are fast and short-ranged skimmers, but Reapers excel in shooting down aircraft.

Here are my Warriors, infantry carried by Invader APCs. They're apparently one of the weakest infantry units in the game, but you need them to secure objectives. Scourge have some much nastier infantry units; Warriors are there for cheap numbers.

Finally, here are the Marauder Dropships. They're a bit odd looking (their nickmame is the CD rack) but they are the only dropship that actually can hold tanks without adding magnets. They're weakly armored, but they're the fastest and best armed medium dropship.

There you go. Let me know how you like my red-brass color scheme. I'll keep you updated if I get to play any games.


  1. They look really nice. I love dropzone commander. Such a good game. I have a pretty big scourge force now, and they are an absolute blast to play

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping I can convince some of my 40K buddies to try it out with me, now that I have two starter armies painted. I also plan to start a PHR army, as they're the faction that really appeals to me.


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