Friday, July 31, 2015

Space Marines in 2015: Battle Demi-Company

The Battle Demi-Company is the center-piece of the Gladius Strike Force, and the basis of most Space Marine armies in the fluff. In theory, it's exactly what it says on the tin; half of a Full Battle Company. It requires a Captain or Chaplain to command it, 3 Tactical squads, and Assault squad, and a Devastator squad. On top of this, you can add a Command squad and any type of Dreadnought squadron.

Digging even deeper into the fluff, the Assault squad can also be fielded as a Bike squad, Attack Bike squad, Land Speeders, or Assault Centurions. All of these squads are filled out by standard Assault Marines in the background. The same applies to Devastators, who can be fielded as Centurion Devastators as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dropzone Commander: Scourge Starter Army

I've finally finished painting the Dropzone Commander Starter Set, so I can finally try and set up some games. This half of the set is the Scourge, a parasitic alien race analogous to Tyranids in that they have lots of organic war engines.

The most common Scourge schemes seem to be silver with a blue or purple wash. I wanted to stay within this idea, but try something new. I ended up basing the models in Mephiston Red, drybrushing with Golden Griffon, and washing with Carroburg Crimson. I then picked out the plasma guns and engines in blue and the eyes in green.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Space Marines in 2015: Lords of War

We only have one Lord of War in the Codex, and by we, I mean the Ultramarines. It's Marneus Calgar, and he's still a nasty piece of work. He's lost a few abilities, including the ability to unlock multiple Honor Guard squads, which is no longer necessary since they're an Elites choice. He also no longer allows your army to choose to pass or fail any Morale test, which is a shame as that was a great ability. Finally, he no longer re-rolls his armour penetration rolls in close-combat.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Battle Report: Executioners vs Ultramarines

Here's a battle report from my first outing with the new Space Marine Codex, and for an even better playtest, my opponent brought an Ultramarine list. I went with a Gladius Strike Force composed of a Demi-Company and a 1st Company Strike Force.


Chapter Master w/ power fist, shield eternal, artificer armor, bike

Chaplain w/ bike

Command Squad w/ bikes, apothecary, 4 storm shields, 2 power fists

10 Tactical Marines w/ flamer, heavy bolter, Rhino

10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun, heavy bolter, Rhino

10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun, heavy bolter, Rhino

Land Speeder w/ heavy bolter, typhoon missile launcher

10 Devastator Marines w/ 4 lascannons, armorium cherub

1st Company Task Force

5 Terminators w/ assault cannon, chainfist

10 Sternguard w/ 2 combi-meltas, Rhino

7 Sternguard w/ 2 combi-meltas, Rhino

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Captain Karlaen

I've finished off Captain Karlaen, the 1st Company Captain and the last model from Deathstorm. I really like the look of this model. He's got more movement to him than most Terminators, and his armor is suitably ornate. I think he's a great looking centerpiece, which is nice because most of our characters are quite dated.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Space Marines 2015: Heavy Support

Devastator squads have only changed in armament. First, they now have access to grav-cannons with grav-amps. This allows them to compete with Centurions as a source of grav. Devastators are cheaper, but less durable and don't fire as many shots on the move. Second, Devastators may now take an armorium cherub. This is a cheap, one use item that allows a single model to re-roll all of its to hit dice for one shooting phase. For the cost, I think it's worthwhile. There's always a turn where you don't score enough hits on an important target. The cherub model only comes with the new Devastator squad, but I have a couple servo-skulls that I plan to use instead.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Space Marines 2015: Fast Attack

Assault squads decreased in points cost, but no longer come with jump packs. When jump packs are added, they come out costing the same. This has the effect of making their transports cost the appropriate amount (rather than being discounted when taken for a small squad), and I'm not sure why it didn't work this way before. Beyond this, they've gained the option to take one eviscerator for every 5 Marines. Basically a two-handed chainfist, the eviscerator gives the squad some excellent tank killing ability. More importantly, it allows the Assault squad to take some extra specialized close-combat weaponry, something they desperately needed. A full squad can have a power fist on the sergeant and two eviscerators, allowing them to take on much harder targets than before. While they're still not a premiere assault unit, Assault squads are now able to take on heavy infantry, rather than just bouncing off like they used to.

Scout Bike squads gained WS and BS 4, just like basic Scouts. Other than that, they're still the same, so strictly better than before for the same price. Maybe we'll see some on the table now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Terminator Squad Alphaeus

My next project continued my crusade to paint up my half of Deathstorm with Squad Alphaeus. Again, I tried to stick with the official models, using the same bits but in different poses and writing the same things on their scrolls.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Space Marines 2015: Elites

Command squads are no longer unlocked by specific HQs; they're just a standard Elites choice now. They're 10 points cheaper now, but beyond that, they stayed the same, except that the authors remembered to give them the option to take Special Weapons without having to add it in an FAQ. Command squads are still a great way to add massed special weapons or storm shields to your army.

Honor Guard also aren't unlocked by Chapter Masters anymore, but can be taken as a normal Elites choice. The only change is a slight rewording allowing the Chapter Champion (along with the rest of the Honor Guard) to take a relic blade. As a little side bonus, they can now take a standard Land Raider as a dedicated transport.

Centurion Assault squads are now 5 points cheaper per model and no longer have to pay for a compulsory Veteran Sergeant, making the squad a fair amount cheaper. In addition, their siege drills now double their strength, so they're now S10 rather than S9. All of these are nice improvements, but I don't expect Assault Centurions to start appearing on tables. They're still a very slow assault unit. They are great at destroying buildings (especially if they're Imperial Fists) if you can get them there, if buildings happen to be a big part of your meta.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Space Marines 2015: Troops

Tactical squads didn't change at all, except the teleport homers are now half price (a change throughout the entire codex). The only big difference is that they can now take grav-cannons with grav-amps as their heavy weapons. Despite the high cost (a lascannon and missile launcher combined), this is particularly useful for Tactical squads because it is the only heavy weapon effective when moving. It only has a range of 12" on the move but it has 3 AP2 shots, so it will support the squad quite well when deploying from a transport.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Space Marines 2015: HQ

The Captain and Chapter Master are still pretty much the same, but their entries have been combined. The Chapter Master is now an upgrade, but maintains the same statline and Orbital Bombardment as before. The only change that I can see is that the Chapter Master is 10 points cheaper when given Terminator armor and now has access to a cheap relic blade when wearing Terminator armor.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Space Marines 2015: Named Characters

Captain Sicarius dropped in cost by 10 points but retained most of his rules. He now has Furious Charge standard, rather than as a one use Warlord Trait. His Rites of Battle has become the Rites of War Warlord Trait, which does the same thing, and he still can give a Tactical squad Counter-attack, Scout, Infiltrate, or Tank Hunter. He also still gives +1 to Reserve Rolls. Aside from the points drop, the changes are very subtle but slightly better.

Chief Librarian Tigurius hasn't changed at all, as far as I can see. He still is a level 3 psyker that can re-roll when determining psychic powers, psychic tests, and reserve rolls. His Storm of Fire Warlord Trait got a bit better. Tigurius is still an excellent support character, and arguably the best Space Marine psyker.

Chaplain Cassius hasn't changed at all.

My Executioners Telion, now relegated to being a normal Scout Sergeant. Still a cool model, though.

Sergeant Telion gained a wound and is now an HQ choice, though he can only join Scout squads. Otherwise, his rules are all the same. He did gain the excellent Storm of Fire Warlord Trait. Telion is now a cheap, useful HQ choice. He won't do that much, but he's a cheap way to fill your HQ requirement.

Sergeant Chronus also became an HQ choice and gained an extra wound, but otherwise his rules are unchanged. He doesn't have a Warlord Trait, but his tank becomes a Character so he can be your Warlord.

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