Friday, June 5, 2015

Thoughts on the State of 40K

I finally finished my review of the Blood Angels Codex (the Formations and Detachments made it take longer than my previous reviews). This was the culmination of almost two years of continuous reviews, covering Space Marines, Eldar, and Blood Angels. As I was finishing the Blood Angel review, I wondered what I would cover next, but then they released a new Eldar Codex and a new Space Marine Codex will be coming out this weekend. Suddenly, I went from being caught up to being two books behind.

Obviously, my somewhat long-winded reviews can't keep up with the current pace of releases, and I'm not sure it's worth writing briefer ones. There are lots of other bloggers that cover new books in just a few posts.I still want to talk about the new books (especially the Space Marines), but I haven't yet decided on a format. I will definitely keep covering tactics and army building for the armies that I play.

For the moment, I'll be concentrating on playing my Blood Angels, but I'm very excited about the potential of the new Space Marine Codex for my Executioners.

The pace of change in the game is a bit overwhelming at the moment, but we shouldn't let that discourage us. For one, there are rules and models being released for 40K that I never thought would happen. The Adeptus Mechanicus is a playable army. The Primarchs have a model line. There is a Warlord Titan! Gamers have been asking for all of these things for decades, but they've always been pipe dreams. Suddenly, they're real and the game is broader than it's been since I started playing it in 3rd Edition.

I think once we get the chance to catch our breath and build armies to use the new rules, this will be an amazing edition of 40K. We just need a chance to catch up. Building armies is not a fast process, and neither is learning to play them well. I do think we'll get a break in the near future due to the release of the new Edition of Fantasy. It looks like Fantasy will be a near complete reboot, meaning quite a few new army books. This alone should take a lot of heat off us 40K players.

In conclusion, I'm excited for where the game is going. Balance is a problem, but balance has always been a problem for 40K. That's more up to us as players to not be so cutthroat that we take the fun out of the game. The breadth of armies that we can play and stories we can tell has never been as large.


  1. Great post! I'm a bit behind too, haven't even started on the cults mechanicus book yet. Good old orks, just move the walkers forward and krump things!

  2. I agree. Those of us that have multiple armies are much more affected by this pace and find ourselves overwhelmed. I've gone back to my Orks and Word Bearers lately because of the new releases. If I wanted to take advantage of the new stuff, I would need to buy another $200 for my Eldar, another $250 for the Knights, and now suddenly $250 for Ultrasmurfs and another $50 for the Dark Angels. Whew!
    I love the game. That's why I went back to the older books- to give me time to catch my breath and remember the part of this game that's cool. Nice post!

  3. I know how you feel! All three of my armies updated in a year. It's unprecedented. That's made my concentrate on my Blood Angels and Executioners for the moment, leaving the Eldar alone.

    The game really is moving too fast for players to maintain several armies. I do hope things slow down with the release of Fantasy. I've got way too many projects on my mind and not enough time to do them. I'm in the middle of updating the Blood Angels, then it sounds like the Executioner might need some new squads (though not too many thankfully), and then I've got allied forces of Mantis Warriors, Imperial Guard, Skitarii, and maybe Mechanicus.


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