Monday, June 8, 2015

Raphen's Death Company

Here are the last three Death Company from Raphen's Death Company. I tried to match the armor bits that were used in the official models, though I altered the poses. I extended this to the paint scheme, even writing the same words on the scrolls where possible.

This squad is actually the first time that I've used the Death Company models to make Death Company. I've used several of the kits before, but always to splash bits into other squads. All of my other Death Company are the original metal models. It came as a bit of a surprise how great these models look when painted up in the intended color scheme.

Finally, here's the full squad:


  1. Great job! They look fantastic! Did you review "Raphen´s DC" yet? Have I missed it?

  2. Thanks! I reviewed them with the rest of the Deathstorm units, which you can find here:


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