Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cassor the Damned

As you probably have gathered if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, I'm not crazy about Dreadnoughts. I love their look, but not so much how they play in game. I've got one metal Furioso from when they were first released, but this is the first plastic Dreadnought I've built, and the only one that I've painted for myself. I had a surprising amount of fun with it. It's a really detailed kit, and goes together really well.

I went pretty straightforward with his paint scheme, since I thought the model was ornate enough already. Once again, I painted the scrolls to match the official model, but I did alter the iconography. I didn't have a white Blood Angel insignia, and I didn't feel up to freehanding it and getting it to come out symmetrical.

Overall, the armament for Cassor is pretty good, so I only wanted to magnetize one thing: the storm bolter. For standard games, I wanted the option to take a heavy flamer. It turned out that I could do this with just one pair of magnets, and it holds very well.

My next painting project will be Squad Alphaeus.


  1. Nice job with the edge highlights. Came out really nice. I hate how dreads perform but I still love them :)

  2. I'm thinking that with the dread changes in the SM codex, as it filters to other space marine chapters, dreadnoughts are gonna make a comeback. particularly in melee. a dread squadron in close combat is actualy pretty scary

  3. I completely agree. A squadron of Furiosos with 4 attacks each (or Death Company Dreads with 5!) would be a great assault unit, one I would definitely play. Unfortunately, until that happens, a Death Company Dreadnought will be an inferior assault unit to a standard Space Marine Dreadnought, to say nothing of an Ironclad.


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