Monday, June 29, 2015

Space Marines 2015: Chapter Tactics

For the most part, Chapter Tactics are very similar to the previous Codex. Like Warlord Traits, there's just small tweaks.

Ultramarines: The Ultramarines Tactics are still the same; they can use each of the Combat Doctrines once per game. However, the Doctrines have changed a bit. Now they're much more symmetrical and easy to understand. Each of them can be used at the beginning of the Space Marines' turn, and last a game turn.

Tactical: All affected units re-roll 1s to hit in Shooting and Assault, and Tactical squads re-roll all missed to hit rolls in both phases.

Assault: All affected units re-roll 1s to hit in Assault, and Assault squads, Bike squads, Attack Bike squads, and Centurion Assault squads re-roll all misses in assault.

Devastator: All affected units re-roll 1s to hit in Shooting, and Devastators and Devastator Centurions re-roll all of their misses in Shooting.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Space Marines 2015: Warlord Traits

I've decided to my review of the new Codex in a new way. I'll be going through the units much more briefly than normal, highlighting the changes to their rules and how I feel that will change how they're used on the battlefield. If you're looking for a more in-depth discussion of these units, check out my previous Space Marine Codex Review (which can be found here with a little searching).

Warlord Traits

The Warlord Traits have retained most of their old names, but the rules have for the most part been made much stronger.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cassor the Damned

As you probably have gathered if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, I'm not crazy about Dreadnoughts. I love their look, but not so much how they play in game. I've got one metal Furioso from when they were first released, but this is the first plastic Dreadnought I've built, and the only one that I've painted for myself. I had a surprising amount of fun with it. It's a really detailed kit, and goes together really well.

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Favorite Things about the New Space Marines (and a few bits I'm not crazy about)

Space Marines are back, and they've gotten quite the overhaul. The changes to units are relatively subtle, but the changes to army structure are pretty massive, and overall quite fluffy. Without further ado, lets jump in!

Things I like:

A basic Executioners Battle Demi-Company

The Gladius Strike Force and the Battle Demi-Company: This is the new Space Marine Detachment. It's based on a Demi-Company consisting of a Captain or Chaplain, and optional Command Squad, 3 Tactical squads, an Assault squad, Bike Squad, Land Speeder squad, or Centurion Assault squad, a Devastator or Centurion Devastator squad, and an optional squad of Dreadnoughts. Beyond that, it can take a variety of support Formations, including detachments from the First and Tenth Companies and the Chapter Armory. Altogether, these will produce forces that really fit the background, rather than a unit of Centurions and Characters supported by two squads of Scouts.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Raphen's Death Company

Here are the last three Death Company from Raphen's Death Company. I tried to match the armor bits that were used in the official models, though I altered the poses. I extended this to the paint scheme, even writing the same words on the scrolls where possible.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Thoughts on the State of 40K

I finally finished my review of the Blood Angels Codex (the Formations and Detachments made it take longer than my previous reviews). This was the culmination of almost two years of continuous reviews, covering Space Marines, Eldar, and Blood Angels. As I was finishing the Blood Angel review, I wondered what I would cover next, but then they released a new Eldar Codex and a new Space Marine Codex will be coming out this weekend. Suddenly, I went from being caught up to being two books behind.

Obviously, my somewhat long-winded reviews can't keep up with the current pace of releases, and I'm not sure it's worth writing briefer ones. There are lots of other bloggers that cover new books in just a few posts.I still want to talk about the new books (especially the Space Marines), but I haven't yet decided on a format. I will definitely keep covering tactics and army building for the armies that I play.

For the moment, I'll be concentrating on playing my Blood Angels, but I'm very excited about the potential of the new Space Marine Codex for my Executioners.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Deathstorm

While thinking about what else to write, I realized that I hadn't reviewed all of the special units from Deathstorm. While they're not super different from the basic units, they do have some specific uses. I already reviewed Captain Karlaen, but here are the rest of the units.

Squad Alphaeus

This squad is five standard Terminators, upgraded to have a heavy flamer and chainfist. This is not a build that you'll see often, and the squad is not particularly useful on the table. However, Sgt. Alphaeus has Preferred Enemy (Tyranids), which makes the squad a lot of fun in a narrative game against Tyranids.

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