Friday, May 22, 2015

Dropzone Commander: United Colonies of Mankind Starter Army

I've written a few times about how excited I am about Dropzone Commander. I always liked the look of Epic 40K, but never had the money of the gaming group to play it before it was discontinued. Dropzone Commander fills this void, and seems to have a great set of rules to go with it.

I picked up the starter game about a year ago, but never got around to painting or playing, so I made it my goal to start playing this summer. I painted up the UCM half of the starter first, going for a simple scheme. It's basically a military green with edge highlights, a wash, and some metallic or blue detailing. I think it works well at this scale.

Here are my Sabre Main Battle Tanks, which are the hardest hitting part of the army. Armed with railguns, they can take out enemy armor (but they need to gang up on heavy battle tanks).

These are Rapier anti-air tanks, responsible for protecting my army from enemy flyers. Flyers are extremely important in Dropzone Commander, as they provide the bulk of your mobility. An army without dropships is easily outmaneuvered.

Next, we have the Colonial Legionnaires and their Bear APCs. Their goal is to take buildings and discover objectives. Though fragile, they are the only unit capable of securing objectives and so are extremely important.

Last but certainly not least are my Condor Medium Dropships. These lightly armed but speedy ships get the more aggressive aspects of the army into position to engage the enemy.

I hope to get the Scourge (the other army in the starter) painted up soon and get some games in. Maybe I'll even convince someone else to pick an army up. It seems like an easy jump from 40K.


  1. I have recently got into dropzone (play scourge) and am loving every minute of it. It is a very balanced game but also alot of fun with lots of tactics involved. Maybe run a few starter games to get people interested at your club or local store? Once people play I am pretty sure they will be coming back for more :)

  2. I hope so! Once I get the Scourge painted up, I'll try and play some starter games with my normal 40K buddies. I hope they'll get hooked just based on the strength of the rules.

    I haven't been able to play a game yet, but I have only heard good things about it.


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