Friday, May 8, 2015

Brother-Captain Michele Castigon

Here's the Captain of the Fourth Company, Michele Castigon. I haven't been able to varnish him yet (cold snap, including some snow, is preventing me from doing any spray painting) so please excuse the shine.

I went with red artificer armor to change things up a bit. I feel like I've done a lot of characters in gold, and very few in red. Also, this will help visually separate him from Dante. Between the gold accents, all the white wings, and the halos, I don't think he'll be mistaken for a normal trooper.


I went for a reddish gold for the power sword, since it'll usually be Valour's Edge, which is described as a gold blade. I wanted the blade to stand out from the other gold details, so I used a red wash rather than my standard chestnut wash. 

Captain Castigon has been nicknamed "Dante's little brother" due to his very similar armament. Basically, with artificer armor, a jump pack, an inferno pistol, and Valour's Edge, he fullfills a very similar role to Dante. Sure, he's not quite as dangerous or durable, but he does cost 65 points less and fill up my mandatory HQ slot. I'm looking forward to fielding him alongside Dante in my MSU list. He should go a long way to making even small assault units very dangerous. 

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  1. Really lovely and clean paintjob! Fantastic!


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