Friday, May 29, 2015

Baal Predator

I got distracted by all of the models I have waiting to be painted, so I grabbed one of my Baal Predators and painted it up. This was the last tank that I primed with Blood Red, so it was shaded with a Secret Weapon Sewer Water wash. This is how my previous tanks have all been painted, and I think it comes out with a good, strong red.

I still have a few Blood Angels tanks to paint (I have another Baal Predator and a Vindicator on my shelf, and I plan to add two Rhinos and two Stormravens to my army at some point in the future). These will move to my new paint scheme, which forgoes a wash and instead layers up through reds. The only models that I've painted this way so far are my new Tactical squad, but I really like the final product and I expect that it'll work just fine on a tank.


  1. Great looking tank! Gotta try that sewer looks great!

  2. Thanks! Sewer Water is one of my favorite washes right now. It's a rich chestnut, and it works particularly good for red and golds.


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