Friday, May 29, 2015

Baal Predator

I got distracted by all of the models I have waiting to be painted, so I grabbed one of my Baal Predators and painted it up. This was the last tank that I primed with Blood Red, so it was shaded with a Secret Weapon Sewer Water wash. This is how my previous tanks have all been painted, and I think it comes out with a good, strong red.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dropzone Commander: United Colonies of Mankind Starter Army

I've written a few times about how excited I am about Dropzone Commander. I always liked the look of Epic 40K, but never had the money of the gaming group to play it before it was discontinued. Dropzone Commander fills this void, and seems to have a great set of rules to go with it.

I picked up the starter game about a year ago, but never got around to painting or playing, so I made it my goal to start playing this summer. I painted up the UCM half of the starter first, going for a simple scheme. It's basically a military green with edge highlights, a wash, and some metallic or blue detailing. I think it works well at this scale.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Death Company

I'm finally back home, with easy access to varnish and a desk that doesn't cause me pain if I sit at it for longer than thirty minutes. Of course, this means that it's time for some painting. My first project was a few new Death Company. They two on the left are part of my Deathstorm Death Company squad (you can tell by the 32mm bases), while the fellow on the right was added because I can always use more Death Company with bolt pistols and chainswords.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Formations: Flesh Tearers

Flesh Tearers Vanguard Strike Force

The Flesh Tearers Strike Force is a more assault oriented demi-Company, consisting of three Tactical squads, an Assault squad, a Vanguard Veteran squad, and a Furioso Dreadnought. There are no restrictions on the composition of any of the units, which is quite nice.

The perks are The Red Thirst, a personal favorite, as well as Leading by Example. This means that as long as the Vanguard Veterans are on the table, all units in the Formation ignore the penalty for disordered charges and gain Stubborn. I don’t make disordered charges that often, but it’s still a nice perk when it comes up. Multi-charges are a good way to tie up multiple enemy shooting units, and Stubborn will keep your squads in combat even against multiple enemy units.

I like the Flesh Tearer Vanguard Strike Force above the other demi-company Formations. It’s more targeted for one role (assault) and has rules that actually help in that role. The big drawback is the requirement to take three Tactical squads, who have no good way to get into combat. I would probably put them into Drop Pods, along with the Furioso, and deploy the Vanguard and Assault squads normally with jump packs.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Formations: Blooded Demi-Company, Strike Force Mortalis, Dante's Avenging Host

Blooded Demi-Company

The Blooded Demi-Company is half of the Blood Angels 2nd Company, and contains a Captain or Chaplain, three Tactical squads, an Assault squad, a Devastator squad, a Dreadnought, and a Command Squad or Furioso depending on whether you took a Captain or Chaplain, respectively.

This is a pretty restricted but well-rounded Formation, but it only gets the standard benefits that the Baal Strike Force gets. Since the Baal Strike Force is so much more flexible, the Blooded Demi-Company doesn’t really have a place outside of narrative games in the Shield of Baal campaign.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Brother-Captain Michele Castigon

Here's the Captain of the Fourth Company, Michele Castigon. I haven't been able to varnish him yet (cold snap, including some snow, is preventing me from doing any spray painting) so please excuse the shine.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Formations: Archangels Formations

These are all Formations included in Shield of Baal: Exterminatus. They all have access to the Archangels Warlord Trait Table and Relics. 

Archangels Orbital Intervention Force

This is a very straightforward Formation, consisting of any combination of 3 Terminator or Terminator Assault squads. They gain the rule Swift Deployment, so they all have to be held in Deep Strike Reserve and the entire Formation arrives on a single Reserve Roll. When they arrive, the Terminators can Run and then shoot.

This is a very slight benefit, and it only really helps standard Terminators (since Assault Terminators don’t have any guns to shoot). Even so, being able to reposition your deep strikers as well as shoot is a decent bonus. If you want to take a bunch or Terminators but don’t want to be as restricted as the Archangels Strike Force, the Orbital Intervention force doesn’t really have any downsides.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Culexus Assassin

I haven't posted any painting photos for a while because I've just been retouching old Blood Angels. Most of them got repainted bases, and my Death Company all had their red accents repainted to match my current red scheme. Everything looks better, but I hardly think it's exciting enough to post up.

When I finished that, I wanted to paint something more fun, and I was given a Culexus Assassin just before I left home. He seemed like the perfect model to work on.

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