Friday, April 24, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Formations: Angel's Fury Spearhead Force

The rules for the Angel’s Fury Spearhead Force can be found in White Dwarf 47. This is an expensive Formation, including 3 Stormraven Gunships and 3 full Tactical squads. The Sergeant of each squad gets a free teleport homer, and the Tactical squads must begin the game embarked on the Stormravens.

This formation comes with some potentially amazing special rules. Spearhead Strike Force states that the entire Formation arrives from Reserve at the same time, and you get to start rolling for their arrival Turn 1. In addition, you get to re-roll your Reserve rolls for this Formation. Having flyers, especially flyers as good as Stormravens, arrive Turn 1 is a huge advantage for your alpha strike. Note that it will mean that your Stormravens will be very vulnerable to enemy flyers that arrive Turn 2. The Tactical squads all are Objective Secured, which is nice because our main Detachments usually won’t have access to this rule. However, the rule that has everyone talking is Augur Triangulation. Any friendly Blood Angels that arrive from Deep Strike Reserve within 12” of two of this Formations teleport homers do not scatter and can assault the same turn that they arrive. Pulled off correctly, this would allow you to drop our excellent assault units directly into close-combat. In today’s shooting heavy game of 40K, not many armies can deal with that.

There are some downsides to this Formation, though. For one, its minimum cost is 1,020 points. That’s a lot of points for units with pretty minimal killing power, and it won’t leave too many points for deep striking assault units to take advantage of Augur Triangulation. Finally, it’s unclear if the teleport homers need to be on the table at the beginning of the turn in which they’re used. Rules as written, it doesn’t seem to be so, but I can see players arguing against this interpretation based on the normal teleport homer rules. If your group rules that teleport homers must arrive the turn before they're used, you’ll be in trouble if the Formation doesn't arrive Turn 1 and so is not in place to support your Turn 2 deep strikers. However, with the built-in Reserve re-roll, this is pretty unlikely.

Taking the Angel’s Fury Spearhead will lock your army into one style of play. It’s too expensive and too specialized to do anything else. However, this style looks like a blast to play and would be good against a lot of armies that can’t deal with an assault threat that they don’t have the chance to shoot off the board. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be fielding it anytime soon. I am three Stormravens short at the moment.

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  1. i have the requirements for this and in play testing it i'm having a lot of fun being able to tar pit the enemies big stuff and being well protected from fire with the flyers. hit hard and very fast deny the ability to move and you can control the field very easily. also since the last BA book it gives back the BA's flavor we all loved.


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