Friday, April 17, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Detachments: Flesh Tearers Strike Force

The Flesh Tearers Strike Force provides an alternative method to run a Blood Angels army, and I suspect it was released to placate players that wanted to take Assault squads as Troops. It includes a compulsory HQ, Troop, and Fast Attack. Beyond that, it allows an extra 3 Troops, Elites, and Heavy Supports, as well as 5 additional Fast Attack slots.

The Command Benefits are the standard re-roll on the Flesh Tearers Warlord Trait table, along with Explosion of Bloodlust. This grants charging units Rage if they roll 10 or greater for their charge distance. There is roughly a 17% chance of this happening (or 1 in 6 charges), which can be improved if you use jump packs to re-roll charge distances. This is great when it happens, but it will be too rare to really count on.

The main appeal or the Flesh Tearer Strike Force is that it allows you to field a very fast force; there are a couple of niche forces that it particularly encourages. The most fluffy option is to run a load of Assault squads. Unfortunately, I think the Baal Strike Force does a better job, as Assault squads benefit a lot from Red Thirst. More appealing is a Drop Pod heavy force. It allows you to take a large number of Assault squads with Drop Pods to conduct surgical strikes on the enemy. In addition, you can take a lot of unattached Drop Pods to deploy allied forces, such as Space Marine Centurions. This style of list won’t do too much as a lone army, but can combine with many other Imperial armies to make a very hard-hitting, aggressive force.

The second style of army that seems popular here is a Biker army. While I still think that White Scars do this much better, 6 Fast Attack slots will allow you to field a lot of Bikes if that’s your thing.

Flesh Tearers Warlord Traits

Incandescent Fury: Your Warlord and his unit have Hatred. This trait could be great, as it could combine the killing power of a Captain with the support abilities of a Chaplain. The downside is that if you roll it on a Chaplain, it does nothing.

Savage Rage: This gives Rampage, which will grant your Warlord a few extra attacks over the course of the game but is unlikely to really affect the outcome. It would be more interesting if it affected his unit.

Avalanche of Destruction: Your Warlord and his unit have Hammer of Wrath. This is better as it essentially grants the unit an extra attack, though they don’t benefit from any special close-combat weapons.

Unstoppable Momentum: All units within 12” of your Warlord get Crusader. This one is pretty cool, as it affects multiple units, makes them faster, and allows them to better capitalize on a victorious combat. This is my favorite of the traits, and I wish it was on the Blood Angels table.

Berserk Fury: The Warlord and his unit have Rage, which is pretty great. This one is strictly better than Avalanche of Destruction as it has far less restrictions.

Blood Mad: Your Warlord has Feel No Pain. What’s not to like? This could save you a Slay the Warlord Victory Point.

Relics of Cretacia

The Bones of Baelsor can be given to any type of Dreadnought, and is Extra Armor that reduces penetrating hits by Tyranid bio-plasma and venom cannons to glancing hits. This won’t come up much, even if you play against Tyranids. I can’t recall the last time I saw bio-plasma or venom cannons on the table. Save your points and give your Dreadnought Extra Armor instead, and don’t give anything to Death Company Dreads. They already ignore Crew Shaken and Stunned.

Slayer’s Wrath is a master-crafted bolter with hellfire rounds. It’s kind of a cool choice for a few points if you’re taking a character who won’t be assaulting. A Librarian maybe?

The Shield of Cretacia is an upgraded suit of power armor. For a few extra points, Poison doesn’t affect your character. There’s a lot of amusement value here if you play against Dark Eldar (splinter weapons only wound on a 6), but it means the character can’t take artificer armor, which will be much better in most circumstances. Still, it’s a dirt cheap and fun piece of wargear.

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