Monday, April 27, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Formations: Flesh Tearers Blood Rain Strike Force

The rules for the Flesh Tearers Blood Rain Strike Force can be found in White Dwarf 47. This is another large formation, but it’s much more self-sufficient than the Angel’s Fury Spearhead Force. It contains a squad each of Death Company, Vanguard Veterans, and Assault Marines, as well as a Stormraven and Furioso. All of the units must either have jump packs or be mounted in the Stormraven.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Formations: Angel's Fury Spearhead Force

The rules for the Angel’s Fury Spearhead Force can be found in White Dwarf 47. This is an expensive Formation, including 3 Stormraven Gunships and 3 full Tactical squads. The Sergeant of each squad gets a free teleport homer, and the Tactical squads must begin the game embarked on the Stormravens.

This formation comes with some potentially amazing special rules. Spearhead Strike Force states that the entire Formation arrives from Reserve at the same time, and you get to start rolling for their arrival Turn 1. In addition, you get to re-roll your Reserve rolls for this Formation. Having flyers, especially flyers as good as Stormravens, arrive Turn 1 is a huge advantage for your alpha strike. Note that it will mean that your Stormravens will be very vulnerable to enemy flyers that arrive Turn 2. The Tactical squads all are Objective Secured, which is nice because our main Detachments usually won’t have access to this rule. However, the rule that has everyone talking is Augur Triangulation. Any friendly Blood Angels that arrive from Deep Strike Reserve within 12” of two of this Formations teleport homers do not scatter and can assault the same turn that they arrive. Pulled off correctly, this would allow you to drop our excellent assault units directly into close-combat. In today’s shooting heavy game of 40K, not many armies can deal with that.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Formations: Angel's Wrath Intervention Force

The rules for the Angel's Wrath Intervention Force can be found in White Dwarf 47. This formation is a relatively low investment, requiring only a Vanguard Veteran squad and two Assault squads. The squads all have to be equipped with jump packs but can be any size and have any equipment.

The formation has two special rules. Guided Drop means that the formation must Deep Strike, but all three squads arrive at once. The Vanguard Veterans deploy first as normal, but the Assault squads don’t scatter as long as they deep strike within 6” of the Vanguard Veterans. Meteoric Impact means that any enemy unit within 6” of the units within the formation take a S4 hit for each model within 6” of a model in the formation. Affected enemy units then move as if in difficult terrain for their next turn.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Detachments: Flesh Tearers Strike Force

The Flesh Tearers Strike Force provides an alternative method to run a Blood Angels army, and I suspect it was released to placate players that wanted to take Assault squads as Troops. It includes a compulsory HQ, Troop, and Fast Attack. Beyond that, it allows an extra 3 Troops, Elites, and Heavy Supports, as well as 5 additional Fast Attack slots.

The Command Benefits are the standard re-roll on the Flesh Tearers Warlord Trait table, along with Explosion of Bloodlust. This grants charging units Rage if they roll 10 or greater for their charge distance. There is roughly a 17% chance of this happening (or 1 in 6 charges), which can be improved if you use jump packs to re-roll charge distances. This is great when it happens, but it will be too rare to really count on.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Detachments: Archangels Strike Force

The Archangels Strike Force is a very specialized detachment. It requires a single HQ choice and two Elites, and has an optional HQ and 14 Elites! I saw this and immediately envisioned an army of Sanguinary Guard and Death Company charging across the table, but the restrictions put an end to that dream. The Elites are restricted to both types of Terminators, Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans (up to 10 of these units), and Furioso Dreadnoughts (up to 6), while the HQ has to be in Terminator armor.  All units can take Dedicated Transports. This can be used to produce an extremely fluffy 1st Company army, but its flexibility is extremely limited.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Detachments: Baal Strike Force

The Baal Strike Force is the detachment included in Codex: Blood Angels, and it definitely is a competitive alternative to the Combined Arms Detachment (CAD). It includes a compulsory HQ, Elite, and two Troops choices, and has all the optional choices of a CAD, along with an extra Elite slot. In essence, you can think of it like a CAD with an extra, compulsory Elite slot. In exchange for these compulsories, your warlord can re-roll his warlord trait as long as he rolls on the Blood Angels table, and all of your units get The Red Thirst, gaining +1 Initiative when they charge. Be careful on that Warlord re-roll. I see a lot of players assume they get it when rolling on the Warlord Trait tables in the main rulebook. To my knowledge, only the CAD allows re-rolls on those.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Lords of War: Commander Dante and Gabriel Seth

Commander Dante, Chapter Master of the Blood Angels

Commander Dante finally got the upgrade that we’ve been looking for for several editions. He has the statline of a standard Chapter Master with an extra point of Initiative, and comes with all the standard equipment, artificer armor, and an inferno pistol. His Axe Mortalis is no longer unwieldy, but gives +2 Strength, AP2, and is Master-crafted, while the Death Mask of Sanguinius grants him Fear that affects units in combat within 6” of him.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Heavy Support: Baal Predators, Predators, Vindicators, Whirlwinds

I'm going to finish off the Blood Angels Heavy Support here. Blood Angels Devastators are similar enough to standard Devastators that I don't really have anything extra to say about them. The same goes for Blood Angel Land Raiders since they lost their ability to deep strike (not that I ever used that ability before). 

Baal Predator

The Baal Predator lost a bit of mobility with the loss of Scout, but otherwise remained mostly the same. They still come standard with a twin-linked assault cannon or flamestorm cannon turret, and can take heavy bolter or heavy flamer sponsons. Baal Predators come stock with overcharged engines, so they’re Fast tanks.

Baal Predators can work in two configurations, both dedicated to anti-infantry. First is the longer-ranged version with assault cannons and heavy bolters. This version throws out a lot of shots at 24” and can move 6” a turn and maintain full firepower. This is my preferred configuration, and is easy to use and keep relatively safe.

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