Friday, March 6, 2015

More Blood Angels Tacticals

Here's the rest of my new Tactical squad. Painting went a little quicker now that I'm figuring out my new paint scheme. Once again, they're not varnished so they look a little off. Man, I miss living in the South...

The more I work with the new Tacticals, the more I like them. All the detail makes them take even longer to paint (so many blood drops) but they really stand out when they're done. Also, the new shoulder pads remove the need for decals, which is awesome. I've never been able to freehand the Blood Angels badge; it requires too much symmetry, and any small imperfections really stand out. Decals are okay, but sculpted badges look so much better.


  1. I feel you on the varnish. I think it was 4F last night in Maryland. Supposed to finally hit 60 next week so I can finally seal some mini's and work on them some more. Love these new BA kits, lots of great details on them!

  2. If its any consolation, the past few weeks have been bitterly cold and snowy herein the south (though not today!).

  3. Yeah, my wife is still down South and has been keeping me updated on the unusual amount of snow. However, I'm having trouble being too sympathetic. I'm in upstate New York, and the average high temperature for February was 11 F.

    My varnishing day will come...


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