Friday, March 27, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Fast Attack: Bike Squads

I have to be honest. Space Marine Bikes, particularly White Scar Bikers, are probably the best army style available from the Space Marine Codex. Combining Hit and Run, Skilled Rider, and often Scout, this army is fast, durable, and reasonably hard hitting. This has led many Blood Angels players to take bikes as well, expecting them to be just as useful.

Do you know what’s a very poor trade for Hit and Run, Skilled Rider, and Scout? Furious Charge. We pay the same points for our Bikes as White Scars do, but ours are far less mobile or durable. Our bikes are still a good platform for grav weapons (the best in our army), but I honestly haven’t been that impressed with grav. Oh, it’s amazing on Devasator Centurions or Biker Command squads, which can put out a large number of shots, but Bike squads can’t really reach those numbers. If they take heavy fire, they’ve got to Jink (which is not as good as a White Scar Jink), rendering the grav guns almost completely ineffective.

I’m not saying that grav Bikers are a bad squad. They have their place, but if you fill up your Fast Attack slots with them, you will likely be disappointed. Grav guns have great hitting power against high toughness targets with a great armor save. They only work for other targets when you can produce a large number of shots, either through lots of Bike squads, grav cannons, or Command squads that can take 5 grav guns. Blood Angels don’t have any of those options, so we’re best leaving massed grav to Codex Marines. One squad with two grav guns and a combi-grav is a great addition for hunting monstrous creatures, but don’t go overboard.

I think our Assault squads are a better option for delivering meltaguns.


  1. Don't rule out the staying power of a blood Angels bike squad with feel no pain though - they're seriously difficult to get rid of!

  2. They certainly are! But we can only give FNP to two squads, and we have to give up our HQ slots to buy Priests to do so. Space Marines can take Bike Command squads with FNP, a 3+ jink, and 4 special weapons.

    I'm not saying Blood Angels bikers are a bad unit. They definitely fill a niche. My point is more that Blood Angel Biker armies could be done better by the Space Marine Codex. I keep seeing Blood Angels players fielding a ton of Bike Squads (often using the Flesh Tearers Strike Force) and it just seems like an ill-conceived to build an inferior White Scars army. Skilled Rider and Hit and Run are huge advantages for a bike heavy army.


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