Friday, March 13, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: Elites: Terminator and Assault Terminator Squads

Terminator Squads

Blood Angels Terminators are pretty similar to standard Terminators. They’re still primarily a shooting unit, but Furious Charge means that they hit at S9 on the charge, making them respectable heavy vehicle killers. There’s not much more to say about them that I haven’t said about standard Terminators.

Assault Terminator Squads

I still think Assault Terminators should have yellow helmets.
Assault Terminators benefit more from being Blood Angels than their standard counterparts. Thunder hammer, storm shield wielding Assault Terminators are still extremely durable and are your first choice for dealing with serious targets such as monstrous creatures, walkers, or combat characters. Furious Charge means that their thunder hammers are excellent vehicle killers on the charge.

 It’s lightning claw armed Assault Terminators that really benefit from Furious Charge. With 4 S5 AP3 Shred attacks (at initiative 5 in a Baal Strike Force) on the charge, lighting claw Terminators will make an absolute mess of most targets. In Blood Angels Terminator squads, I would take an equal number of models with each weapon configuration. Thunder hammers and storm shields provide durability and high strength attacks while lightning claws make sure that your squad can deal with more numerous enemies.

Finally, Assault Terminators can take a company standard for quite cheap. This will help to deal with any morale problems you’re worried about, and is therefore most useful when you expect your Terminators to be in the middle of your army (as they would be when mounted in a Land Raider). It’s not a good choice when the Terminators will be on the fringes of your army, such as when deep striking or being transported in a Stormraven. There’s a reason this company standard is so cheap; you have to sacrifice a lightning claw or storm shield to take it. That’s a steep cost for an assault unit, so think carefully before taking the standard.

Or just take it because it looks awesome and costs almost no points.

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  1. Hitting at str9 and str5 really hurts when you charge your kan wall into them :).


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