Friday, February 13, 2015

New Blood Angels Tactical Marines

It took me a while, but I finally finished some of my new Blood Angels. I'm away from home until early summer, and it's amazing all of the things I take for granted that help me do my painting. I brought one of my lamps with me, but I really miss my desk and chair (wooden chairs are not designed for sitting in for hours on end). I thought I brought all of the paints I would need, but I seem to have missed a few important ones, forcing me to mix some highlight colors. All together, it meant that five Tactical Marines took far longer than usual. I suppose my new job contributed a bit as well...

Please ignore the sheen. It will be for months before it is warm enough for me to varnish. This is a new method of painting Blood Angels for me, using mostly layering. My old method used washes to shade recesses and didn't apply an edge highlight. I really think these came out well, matching the overall look of my army but with much more striking contrast. I won't be going back and repainting my old models, but future models will be painted this way.

Also, I'm sure this is old news to everyone, but these models are really nice. I have no reservations about buying them to replace my old Tactical Marines, and that's saying something since I have 60 Tacticals already.

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