Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blood Angels in 7th: HQ: The Sanguinor

My old winged Captain, who makes an excellent Sanguinor.

The Sanguinor is a unique character, not quite fitting into the categories into which most HQs fall. He dropped in cost significantly since last codex, for the loss of one attack and a point of invulnerable save, as well as his ability to buff one of your sergeants. Overall, he has a great statline, just short of Mephiston’s, and he has the coveted Eternal Warrior. He’s still not an independent character, so will have to run around the battlefield by himself. He’s armed with an encarmine sword, a death mask, artificer armor, and an iron halo.

The Sanguinor maintains some significant auras, with Aura of Fervour giving every Blood Angel model within 6” an extra attack. Note that this is by model, not unit, but it’s still a pretty powerful aura. In addition, he has Heroic Bearing if he is your Warlord, giving him a 12” Fearless aura. Not bad support at all. To round it off, the Sanguinor re-rolls all failed to hit and wound rolls in challenges.

Sanguinor presents a challenge. He’s a decent assault character that significantly buffs the models around him, but he’s extremely vulnerable because he can’t be shielded in a unit. If you can keep him safe until your army reaches combat, you’ll likely be happy with his performance. However, even with his high armor and decent invulnerable save, he can’t take much punishment. Three Wave Serpents shooting him are statistically likely to kill him in a single round, as will 11 plasma gun or grav gun shots. That is not a lot of firepower in the current state of 40K, so you’ll have to use him very carefully.


  1. Not being an IC really hurts. I have the GW model and really like it. It's fluff as well. A pity he won't be seeing the table very much

  2. In 7th edition you can have inependent characters join him... so perhaps attach dante and a sanguinary priest to him....


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