Monday, December 15, 2014


Sithanan and Kimoril were twin brothers born on Craftworld Sinn Achai. Both chose the Path of the Warrior, adopting Aspects that appealed to their nature. Sithanan, quick-witted and mercurial, took up the mantle of the Swooping Hawk, while Kimoril, straight-forward and brooding, found himself among the Fire Dragons. Both brothers excelled in their chosen path, and eventually found themselves elevated to Exarchs. The Autarchs commonly deployed their temples together, where their squads operated with almost perfect coordination. Sithanan's squad would identify armored targets and eliminate the defending infantry, allowing Kimoril's squad to destroy their targets without reprisal.

This happy situation ended while battling Astartes of the White Scars Chapter. Sithanan had killed the defenders of the Astartes' tanks and called in Kimoril's squad to finish them off. As the Fire Dragons disembarked from their Wave Serpent, White Scars bikers arrived to reinforce their tanks, gunning down the Fire Dragons. The battle was eventually lost, though Sithanan was able to secure the spirit stones from his brother's squad.

Sithanan was beside himself with grief and guilt. He blamed himself for Kimoril's death. He practiced his martial arts continually, but refused to lead his squad into battle. The Autarchs of Sinn Achai realized that they had lost two exemplary Exarchs to the White Scars' counter-attack. In an attempt to regain something from the disaster, they offered Sithanan a chance to reunite with his brother's soul.

Thus, Sithanan and Kimoril continue to fight in unison, now operating a Wraithknight. Their combined knowledge is perfectly suited for this role, with Sithanan controlling the movement of the nimble construct while Kimoril hunts enemy vehicles using the heavy wraithcannons. The brothers continue to war against against the enemies of their people. 

Here's my new Wraithknight, provided as an early Christmas present by a gaming buddy. I really wanted to get him painted up for the December tournament. My Eldar need the long-range high strength firepower, and a super tough and fast monstrous creature can never be a bad thing. I painted him in the same scheme as my Wave Serpents, with the Sinn Achai emblem on his central groin shield and the sigils for Swooping Hawks and Fire Dragons on the two hip shields.

I think he came out very well, and he's quite a striking model on the tabletop. This is by far the largest model I've ever painted, but I'm sure he won't be the only one based on GW's current releases. At least there are no giant Blood Angels coming out. I magnetized him but I've only painted up the wraithcannons. I'll get to the sword and suncannon later, but I think the wraithcannons will be all that I field for a while.


  1. Fantastic job. I love the green you've used here, and all the highlighting and work that you put into the model. Make sure to get some tabletop shots!

  2. He'll be on the table for a tournament next weekend, so I'll make sure to get a lot of shots of him tearing up the table.


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