Monday, December 8, 2014

Swooping Hawks

Here is my next addition to my Eldar army from my mass of unpainted models. It's a squad of Swooping Hawks, meaning I officially have too many Fast Attack choices to field in a CAD. This is the first FOC slot that I've over-filled with my Eldar.

I went for an odd painting combination with these guys. I based them with Fenris Grey, which is a slightly blue grey, and then layered up with Reaper's Ultramarines Highlight and highlighted with GW's old Ice Blue. I went with grey helmets and white wings. My goal was to blend all of the colors of the sky (grey, light blue, and white) in one model. I think this worked out pretty well, and I like how the grey looks in the recesses between the blue.

Now I can field either 2 squads of Swooping Hawks or 2 Squads of Warp Spiders, which is a handy amount of flexibility to have as they are both excellent units. However, my recent games have shown me that my Eldar army needs some additions that can't be found in my unpainted model collection.

With the kind help of a Christmas present from a gaming buddy (thanks Dale!), I'll be making a large addition to my Eldar that will add some long-range, high strength firepower that I desperately need.

1 comment:

  1. Those wings....that blue highlights. So wonderful! Great job!


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