Monday, December 1, 2014

Fuegan, the Burning Lance

Here is my last Phoenix Lord, Fuegan, the Burning Lance. As the founder of the Fire Dragons, I wanted a very warm color scheme, so I went for deep reds and golds. To set these colors off, I painted all of the dragon skulls and scales in bone. This brightened the model a bit, as well as visually tying him to Karandras. I'm going to have to use more bone on my Eldar.

The other highlight color I chose was yellow, which I used very sparingly. I used some on the flames on the axe, and I'm very happy with the color transitions here. My most noticeable use of yellow was on the face mask. It does look a bit cartoony, but it helps to draw the eye to the face and it hearkens back to my formative years of 40K. In the mid-90s, every model was cartoonishly painted. Even though I feel like I've moved beyond that with my painting, I still like to incorporate aspects of that look.

Once I finished him, I tried to start on my unit of Knight Exemplar Errants for my Protectorate of Menoth, but I just couldn't get into them. I decided to work on another unit of Swooping Hawks instead.


  1. Lovely paint job. These guys have all been wonderful!

  2. Thanks! I'm also really happy with how the all came out. Despite their age, they're still great models. They really gave me the chance to test my painting skills. Next up will be some more mundane (but still hopefully good looking) infantry.

    1. You definately passed the test on your painting skills! Congrats on another greatly painted model. Keep up the good work.

      P.S Getting ready for the BA?

    2. I'm very excited for the new BA Codex. I haven't started anything new for them, as I'm waiting to see what the new book brings, but I can't wait to read it. There will certainly be a new series of articles as I come to grips with them.

    3. Cool! Your love for the BA is what brought me to this blog. I'm sure you'll give them some love soon.

  3. Beautifully done - really dig how that turned out, man!


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