Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dire Avengers

I built all three of my Dire Avenger squads with Exarchs. While they look great, they're not great on the table. I was hesitant to pick up another box of Dire Avengers because they are so expensive now for only five models, but I found a box on clearance at my FLGS. I guess they're selling as poorly as I thought at the new price.

I painted up three of the Dire Avengers, in the schemes of my squads. One of the original Avengers is on the left while the new model is on the right.

I fixed the green on the left model's catapult after the picture was taken.

They're not perfect matches, as I don't have some of the original paints and I can't remember how I painted them originally. The top squad was painted about 12 years ago. I think the new models will fit into their squads despite the slightly off colors, so now I won't have to run 9 strong Dire Avenger squads. It always looks weird to me.

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