Monday, November 17, 2014

Asurmen, the First Phoenix

I received three Phoenix Lords last year for Christmas, Asurmen, Karandras, and Fuegan. It obviously took me a long time to get around to painting them, but I finally finished the first one. Fittingly, it's Asurmen, Pheonix Lord of the Dire Avengers. I think he's one of the better Pheonix Lords in game, and he performed very well in the single game I've managed to played with him. It was time to paint him.

He was painted with the same techniques as my last batch of Dire Avengers, with some extra attention paid to all of the gems on his armor. I also tried a new technique for gold on him, which I'm very happy with. While the miniature looks good, I'm sure you noticed that the banner is what really stands out on this model.

I made the banner out of the thick foil that sometimes comes on wine bottles covering the cork. I just cut it to shape and glued it on. It is still flexible, so I am being very careful with it so as to not crack the paint, but no problems so far. The freehand on the banner is the most complicated that I've tried so far, and I am really, really pleased with how it came out. I think this is overall the best model that I've ever painted.

Next up will probably be another Pheonix Lord, though I haven't decided which one. I'm still thinking about color schemes for them.


  1. That is some absolutely lovely freehand. You should be very proud of it!

  2. I love how absolutely clean and smooth it looks. That's fantastic work, especially on the freehand! Keep it up!
    Now I almost want to go back to my Eldar... Stop that!


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