Monday, October 6, 2014

Warmachine: Grand Scrutator Severius and Vassal of Menoth

In my crusade against unpainted models, my next targets were more Protectorate of Menoth models. First up is another warcaster, Grand Scrutator Severius. He's a leader of the army, and is basically a Menite bishop, though he's really into torturing and burning people that don't listen to him. You can see the influence on the model and the paint scheme.

He's a very old-fashioned two dimensional sculpt, but it works for his character. These models are helping me learn how to paint white (always tough) and red. I've done a lot of red, but these guys require multiple hues of red to maintain contrast across the model.

The second model is a Vassal of Menoth. Magic is necessary in the Warmachine universe to be competitive on the battlefield, but the Menites don't approve of sorcerers. To get around this, they kidnap sorcerers from other nations, "sanctify" them, and chain them up to use them in battle. They remind me of daemonhosts from 40K.

Most Menites are dark-skinned and dark haired as their from the southern part of the Warmachine world. To differentiate my Vassal, I made him fair skinned and blonde.

As far as how these guys fare on the table, I still have no plans for a game in the immediate future. They are both supposed to be support pieces, with Severius buffing your army as a whole while the Vassal really helps a single Warjack to do stay safe and do more damage.

I'm not sure what my next model will be. I think I've gone through most of my primed models, but it's been very rainy so I don't know when I'll have a chance to prime some more. I plan to paint some Warp Spiders if I can get them primed.

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