Friday, October 31, 2014

Space Marine Codex Review: Tanks


The Predator is the most basic Space Marine tank. It overall dropped in price in the latest codex, and has respectable armor and a decent range of weapons. It comes base with a turret-mounted autocannon, which you can upgrade to a twin-linked lascannon. For sponsons, it can take either heavy bolters or lascannons. This means that you can equip it for either anti-infantry or anti-armor.

The anti-infantry load-out is pretty straightforward, with an autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons. The anti-armor configuration can take either the autocannon or twin-linked lascannon for the turret along with lascannon sponsons. In both cases, the Predator provides solid firepower for the points. However, it has very stiff competition from other Heavy Support slots. The anti-infantry Predator really can’t compete with a Thunderfire Cannon. The anti-armor Predator is slightly less points efficient than a Devastator squad, but it is tougher against most of the firepower on the table and more mobile. If you want a Predator to do some damage, I suggest going all lascannons.

The Predator only really benefits from Iron Hands Chapter Tactics, but it is a significant benefit. It’s worth noting that the Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics destroy the balance between Predators and Devastators; giving Devastators Chapter Tactics makes them far superior, so don’t expect to see Predators in an Imperial Fists army.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beginning Playing Hordes: The Model That Makes the Unit, The Warpborn Alpha

Circle Orboros Skinwalker Alpha 1
The Skinwalker Alpha

The Warpborn Skinwalkers Unit Attachment, the Alpha

As I mentioned in my previous post, when the Warpborn Skinwalkers were released, they were heavily criticized because of their similarity to, and inferiority to, Gatormen Posse. A really awesome aspect of Warmachine/Hordes is that you aren't locked into the army list in a book. Whenever Privateer Press wants to add a new unit or character they can, they simply release the unit with a corresponding stat card and voila, its legitimate. That's what they did with the Warpborn Skinwalkers in the form of a leader attachment, the Warpborn Alpha. This aspect also comes into the fact that you can always be excited about new releases and don't have to wait for an entirely new army book, like in 40k, although it seems like that may be changing with all the new dynamics coming into play. 

Circle Orboros Skinwalker Alpha 2

Friday, October 17, 2014

Space Marine Codex Review: Devastators, Devastator Centurions, Thunderfire Cannons

Devastator Squad

Devastators are the most straightforward and iconic of the Space Marine Heavy Support choices. A squad of Marines that can take up to four heavy weapons, Devastators provide a stationary firebase. I prefer to take them as a full ten Marine squad, as the extra bodies protect the heavy weapons and the ability to Combat Squad allows them to engage two targets and cover more of the table.

The main question with Devastators is what heavy weapon to give them. I always suggest taking four of the same weapon, as this means they have the same target preferences and range. Missile launchers are a common option because they can target both infantry and vehicles fairly well. Flakk missiles are an option here; they are quite expensive but they do allow your Devastators to reliably shoot down fliers. If you don’t have any other anti-air and are taking Devastators, it’s worth spending the points for flakk. Lascannons are your best option for anti-tank, while plasma cannons will chew through heavy infantry very well. Heavy Bolters are an option, but there are generally better options for anti-light infantry fire (we’ll get to it in a bit). Multi-meltas, while great weapons, don’t do their best work on such a stationary platform due to their short range. You will be better off taking them on Attack Bikes or Speeders.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Warp Spider Squad Part 1

In my quest to paint all of my unpainted miniatures, the next obvious choice is another squad of Warp Spiders. When I've used them in games, they've been one of my favorite units. Adding another full squad couldn't hurt.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Space Marine Codex Review: Bikes, Attack Bikes, and Scout Bikes

Bike Squad

The Bike squad can be thought of very similarly to a mobile Tactical squad. It carries decent anti-infantry firepower with twin-linked bolters, can take two special weapons at any size, and can take either a heavy bolter or multi-melta on an Attack Bike. Like the Tactical squad, it prefers to stay at medium to short range and shoot at the enemy, and it will do just as little damage in close combat. Unlike the Tactical squad, it is very fast for a Marine unit and more durable with T5. Cementing the comparison, Bike squads become Troops if you take a Chapter Master or Captain on a bike as long as there are at least 5 models in the squad.

There really isn’t much argument; Bike squads are great Troops choices. They can bring lots of firepower to bear on any target with their mobility, and they are durable enough to take a beating and keep fighting. They can use Combat Squads to saturate the enemy with targets, just like Tactical squads. As an Objective Secured unit, they’ve got the speed to steal objectives from the enemy. Even without being Troops, Bikes are a very useful unit for their mobility and durability.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Warmachine: Grand Scrutator Severius and Vassal of Menoth

In my crusade against unpainted models, my next targets were more Protectorate of Menoth models. First up is another warcaster, Grand Scrutator Severius. He's a leader of the army, and is basically a Menite bishop, though he's really into torturing and burning people that don't listen to him. You can see the influence on the model and the paint scheme.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Space Marine Codex Review: Assault Squads, Land Speeders, and Stormtalons

Assault Squad

Probably the most iconic Fast Attack choice, Assault squads are composed of standard Marines wearing jump packs and carrying bolt pistols and chainswords. They can carry two flamers or plasma pistols in a any size squad, allowing them to deliver multiple special weapons even at minimum size. The Sergeant can take melee weapons and pistols, as well as melta-bombs and a combat shield. Finally, they can swap out their jump packs for a free Rhino or Drop Pod.

As an old Blood Angel player, I love Assault squads. However, they just aren’t that great on the table. In combat, they’re basically Tactical Marines with an extra attack. Any Marine player knows that this won’t do much damage to most enemy units. Enemies that they can take out could be dealt with by most other Marine units too. Beyond that, jump packs in 7th Edition aren’t great for getting into combat because they can only be used in the movement or assault phase. They do provide good mobility around the table though.

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