Friday, August 15, 2014

The Imperiad Grand Tournament: Conclusions

At the end of the weekend, I had four losses and a draw. Despite that awful sounding record, I was pretty happy with my play. Four of my games were very close, and a bit of luck would have resulted in some wins for me. Things just didn't fall my way.

The overall winner was a Tyranid player using lots of flying monstrous creatures. I don't know much about the list, but I do know that he absolutely crushed Imperial Knights using a combination of Crone haywire missiles and the fire power from 4 flying Hive Tyrants. Second place went to Eldar, while third place went to Necrons.

I believe I came in 3rd to last in battle points, so at least I did better than last year when I came in dead last. However, I did win Best Painted again, so I was very pleased with that. There were some great looking armies there this year. I wasn't able to repeat my Best Sportsman award. There was a tie with several people having perfect Sportsmanship Scores, and Battle Points were used as a tie-breaker. Even if I did have a perfect score (which I don't know), there was no way I would win that tie-breaker.

Overall, it was a great tournament. All of my opponents were pleasant and fair, and my games were all close-fought. The terrain was great, the games were well run, and the prize support was impressive.

My goal for the last several months has been finishing my army for this tournament, as well as the building. Now that it's done, I think I'm going to diversify my painting a bit. I've got a lot of Eldar in need of some attention, and I have some plans for allied detachments for my Space Marines.

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  1. Sounds like a good tournament, and it doesn't matter where you come as long as you have fun. Last tournament i came 24th out of 28, and enjoyed every game, including the spanking by a tau player!


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