Friday, August 8, 2014

The Imperiad Grand Tournament: Game 3

My third game was against Necrons. The mission was Relic and the deployment was Hammer and Anvil. My opponent's list was something like:

Overlord w/ warscythe, Catacomb Command Barge, Mindshackle Scarabs.

Destroyer Lord w. warscythe

5 Warriors w/ Nightscythe

5 Warriors w/ Nightscythe

5 Warriors w/ Nightscythe

6 Wraiths

6 Wraiths

6 Wraiths

Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge

As you can see, there's not fat on that list. I expected this to be a tough game. My opponent had a Destroyer Lord conversion that I don't recall seeing before and I thought was really cool.

It's extra appropriate because the Lord is leading Wraiths.

We both set up very aggressively to grab the objective. My opponent got the Warlord Trait that allowed 3 units to infiltrate, and used it to advance all of his Wraiths.

I went first, drove my Rhinos up to sit on the centerline, and opened fire.

Because his Wraiths has infiltrated, they couldn't charge first turn. I was able to wipe out 2 squads of Wraiths between my shooting and an Assault by my Command squad, though two of my Rhinos were destroyed by shooting and an assault by the Command Barge. Unfortunately, his Nightscythes came on after my Stormtalons and shot them both down.

The game then turned into a massive fight over the Relic. My Command Squad took the Relic, assaulted the Command Barge and destroyed it.

Then the Destroyer Lord and Wraiths charged in, killed my Chaplain, and broke my Command squad! The only had to roll a 9, but I rolled 10. I was not happy about that. This is the first time they have ever fallen back.

The Command squad turns around, eager to redeem their honor.
My shooting wiped out the Wraiths and Destroyer Lord, but the Lord stood back up. My Command squad turbo-boosts to prevent the Necrons from taking the objective.

The Necrons then shot my Command squad away from the objective, leaving only the Apothecary and Chapter Master. I poured my fire into the Destroyer Lord and killed him, and this time he didn't stand back up. This is where I made a fatal mistake: I shot the Command squad at the Lord, meaning that they couldn't assault the nearby Warriors. This left the Warriors able to move onto the Relic at the end of Turn 7 and win the game!

This was another really close game against a very tough list. My opponent seemed down at the beginning of the game (he had also lost his first two games), but he seemed to come around and enjoy such a close fought game.

Lessons Learned:

 1) Never, ever shoot my Command squad at something they might wipe out. They don't have that much shooting, so I can just forego their shooting so that they can assault whoever they want.

2) The Warlord Trait that allows 3 squads to infiltrate is a trap. If you are not used to infiltrating your units, you are likely to just put important units in no man's land and leave the very vulnerable. This has happened every time my opponent has used this trait. I roll up my squads and gun down his valuable units with no fear of assault for two turns (in both cases I went first). If you roll this trait, think very carefully about how you use it.

3) I still hate mindshackle scarabs.

4) Never, ever answer a challenge with the Chaplain. He's reasonably tough, but sometimes he'll go down and you'll miss your Fearless.

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  1. Yeah, I think it's going to be one of the most annoying features of 7th, with troops swooping and and snatching objectives from under your feet!


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