Monday, August 25, 2014

Eldar Ranger, Guardians, and Heavy Weapon Platforms

I was a bit burned out after the Imperiad, but I took some time off from painting and playing. Now that I've had a bit of a break, I've decided to try and finish painting most of my assembled models. My "needs to be painted shelf" is getting really crowded. This meant painting up some Eldar, as the vastly outnumber unpainted models from any other faction.  First was the limited edition Ranger pictured above. I think he came out with the first Cityfight codex, and he's gone umpainted the whole time. He looks massive next to my older Rangers, as he's kneeling but is almost as tall as the old standing Rangers.

He came out a little bland because his coat and pack are just various shades of brown, but at least he matches the scheme on my old Rangers.

Continuing my theme of ancient Eldar models, I painted up two sets of metal Guardians with heavy weapon platforms. For those of you that don't remember what early 90's GW miniatures look like, prepare for a surprise.

And the second set:

That's what Eldar Guardians used to look like. With these guys, I can now field a unit of 20 Guardians with two heavy weapon platforms, which I've been led to believe is a good unit. To give myself some flexibility, the weapon platforms are magnetized. The only alternative weapon that I've painted so far is a shuriken cannon.

That's my first batch of Eldar. I picked some interesting one-off models to get things started, but now I'll move on to my many unpainted squads of Aspects Warriors.

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