Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beginning Playing Hordes: Finishing the model that got me into the Faction

As the title states, this is about the model that got me into Circle Orboros. As shown by my Space Wolves army, I guess I do have an inclination toward wolf and  werewolf themed models. Although, being in combination with a viking theme really made it a killer combo. Anyway, this model to me is my favorite werewolf model in the most intimidating scale that I've seen. The scale really drew me into Warmachine and then Hordes, having hulking machines/monsters serve as the core of an army really appeals to me. 

This beast comes in both the Circle battle box and the two player starter set, so he's obviously a good model to get started with. My Feral Warpwolf has been featured in every game I've played so far and has filled a core role every time, and looked good doing it.
I used the brown two headed wolf model from my previous post as a test model for almost the exact scheme I was planning to use for this model. I did end up planning a good amount for the model its the one I was most excited about painting and using in the starter set. I went with a pretty general theme for him, I figured if I really liked the look of him, I would like the look of the whole army. It turned out well but its a simple paint scheme, I used terra earth from valejo as a base for the fur and dry brushed the longer haired areas with grey for distinction. I mixed the base color with bronzed flesh for the highlight and used bestial brown for the leather armor. All of it was brought together with a heavily watered down mix of the valejo smoky ink. 

The Feral Warpwolf is really clutch in game terms, especially with my beast themed warlock,
Kaya. Warpwolfs are the result of a process that I'm pretty sure involves sorcery and a "warp elixir," which can humorously be used as a reward or a punishment. But as a result of the process, they are to a small degree, constantly shape shifting and evolving. Because of this, though he is very capable with his regular stats, he can choose a different warping advantage every turn from a list. Basically, depending on what you need from him on a given turn, he can get stronger, faster, or tougher to a decent degree. This ability makes it a multi-tool of a model in that it excels in a variety of roles and especially cracking heavily armored targets. He has huge offensive capability, and even though he's probably the toughest non-character warpwolf, he still isn't great at taking a punch. 

That's another huge factor that drew me to Circle, they focus on guerrilla tactics and hit and run constantly and have a ton of tricks to allow this strategy. The faction has a few ways of facilitating teleportation and tactical withdrawals, which keeps them exciting and helps them to get out before retaliation happens. My current choice warlock Kaya, has a nice spell that allows her to teleport up to two of her beasts back to her after they charge in and scrap. Its a very cool spell albeit her only notable ability. Remember, I only have the warlock from the starter box so she's only the tip of the iceberg but she gives a good sampling of the faction's style, more on her in a later post.

They're the glass cannon I always wanted to play in an exceedingly balanced game format that allows them to work well in run effectively to frustrate your opponent, but even a novice can harshly punish their mistakes. This model has been essential to my success so far in the game and there are more warpwolves in the near future. Let me know what you think of the model and what questions you have about the game and running him!


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